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MOOST Wanted at Rollend Amsterdam

Content photography for the MOOST Wanted festival collection.

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Studio Visit – Levi Van Veluw

Yesterday, Levi van Veluw welcomed a select group of press to his studio for a preview of the works which will be included in his fifth solo exhibition with Galerie Ron Mandos: Beyond Matter. On behalf of OBJEKT© International, I was invited to go.  Read more

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Kickie Danielle de Klijn

Kickie Danielle de Klijn.

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Behind The Scenes – Kurhaus

Last weekend we were invited to shoot the music event held at Kurhaus, Scheveningen, The Hague. It was a new festival called 200 BY THE SEA FESTIVAL.Unfortunately I am not allowed to tell you who we are creating it for, but I am allowed to share some of the shots we took. ('We' refers to Ravian Numai who assisted me.)

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Our Relationship with Nature

Together with Youtuber Zoë Van Liere (@ProfessionalWildChild) we traveled to Latvia. Organised by the LIAA and together with influencer Sibilla we made a roadtrip to explore 'the green destination'. Along with lots of photography for our social media accounts, I created this video for ProfessionalWildchil her #FoodForThought column on YouTube.
Covered on Adformatie.

Please share with everybody that needs to (re)connect. Co-production shot with Zoë, @Professional Wild Child, in Latvia.

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Moderne Hippie Markt PT2

A small selection of the photos I've taken during the Moderne Hippie Market, March 2018. The event was held at Westerunie, Amsterdam. The first weekend we could join the Market we've created a brief aftermovie (https://www.alaiafonk.com/moderne-hippie-markt). For more about Moderne Hippies see www.modernehippies.nl.

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Eindelijk Vrij – Teni Stepanosian

Fotografie voor beide covers van "Eindelijk Vrij" - Een autobiografie waar het gevoel van gevangenschap op verschillende vlakken terugkomt.

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Moderne Hippie Markt

The Aftermovie.
Filmed by Ravian Numai
Edit by Alaïa Fonk.
Client: Moderne Hippies



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Drone Footage for Dezeen

May 2017, I was invited to go and visit South Tyrol - The Northern part of Italy. Somewhere high up I shot the drone footage for Dezeen.

While shooting lots of footage for the OBJEKT©International youtube channel and online articles, I shot some drone footage of one of the architectural projects we've visited; the Messner Museum. It was hidden somewhere high up the mountain (2,275 meters up).  The press group was small and included four young creatives from London. One of them was Olivia Mull, the managing editor of DezeenShe told me about Dezeen's video concepts with drone footage and asked if she could use my material. A few weeks later, while editing my own video on the trip, I got the link to her article including my footage.

Check out her article here.

Messner Museum, @ByAlaaaia

Messner Museum, @ByAlaaaia

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Underwater – A Bubbly Thank You

It is not always easy being a one-man studio (one woman haha). Of course you can work together with other inspiring and amazing creatives, get feedback, spar a little, share your work, but in the end it is really just you.

You explore, see things, be inspired, and get ideas. There is no one to tell you how to do it, and what to do to make - in my case - the video a succes.


You give your all until you think it is perfect.


Processed with VSCO with c7 preset

The Sicily video


It was really a mix of Italian videos, the music we listened to in the car and a vintage kind of feeling that wandered around in my head like crazy. An old television. Scrambled screens. Radio kind of tunes. But I missed something spicy and energetic. After scrolling on Youtube for literally hours I found the song "Underwater" by Naulé. That was it! Or one of the songs I needed. I only missed a part for the stop motion doors so I eventually had to mix it with another song, Youth by Daughter. Since I am not the musician or DJ, I have no idea if this was done perfectly but for me it worked. See it here.

I shared the video just before my trip to South Tyrol and when I arrived I got loads of positive and lovely comments. Thank you guys! Then a few days after all of a sudden I got a message of Alex. Alex turned out to be Naulé himself:


Hey Alaïa!
Saw your video on vimeo containing my song Underwater. I just want to let you know that it's the most creative video my music has ever been in. Thank you! Have a great day!
Alex aka Naulé ?


Flabbergasted. I just didn't know what to reply! A day after he shared the video on his channels.



I have been a full-time freelance videographer for not even a full year and I already made so many steps in the right direction - I believe. I listen to my instinct and follow my passion, even if you have to make some harder choices sometimes.

I just wanted to share this note

- not to impress but to reflect and say thank you to all of you who helped me stand where I am now and believed (still believe) in me. I hope to continue doing my things to make myself and you proud.

Thank you.

Love, Alaïa


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