King Of Going


King of Going



King Of Going



“I can always find you.
I hear you whisper.

Your footsteps,
Talking me.

Whenever I let go.

King of going.

You must be able to
sketch my footprints
eyes closed.

Hands tied.

Sometimes love only needs to be avoided.

Always leaving you.

Coming to you.
Passing by everything else,
And everyone else.
But you.

Always you.

Sometimes fear is the only
Intelligent response to you.
don't you think?

Safety first.

No chains.

Always leaving.

Always on my way to you.

Safety first."

"The most beautiful part is.
I wasn’t even looking,
when I found you.”


Own work

December 2018. The Hague.
co-production with The Didi Keeks.

Production: Alaïa Fonk

Camera + edit: Alaïa Fonk
MUA + Hair Artist: Diantha Rodriquez
Styling: Alaïa Fonk
Models: Lauren Messack

May 2018. Curaçao.
co-production with Brauhaus.

Production: Alaïa Fonk

Camera + edit: Alaïa Fonk
Make up Artist: Diantha Rodriquez
Styling + Co-Producer: Gisele Zimmerman
Models: Iris & Jill Lagendijk




©2019. ByAlaaaïa Productions.

©2018. ByAlaaaïa Productions.

ByAlaaaïa Productions

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