Escaping Reality


Escaping Reality



Escaping Reality



Chapter 1 - The Runaway Bride

"Do you understand this war, love?

Fall up… like clouds do

Oozing eternity
Bleeding the sky
Fires like this can tear the world apart

Love, do you understand this war?"

Launch: End of March 2018.

Brandmovie for beauty atelier BRAUHAUS.

May 2018. Curaçao.
co-production with Brauhaus.

Production: Alaïa Fonk

Camera + edit: Alaïa Fonk
Make up Artist: Diantha Rodriquez
Styling + Co-Producer: Gisele Zimmerman
Models: Samiah Booi
Voice: Jasmin Mirpuri
Quote: Olga F.

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