Spijkers + Spijkers

They’re two cheerful young women, brimming with humor and creativity. They live and work in the Dutch town of Arnhem, but their clothing designs are shown on catwalks in all the major European cities. Twin sisters, working together closely to create their spijkers + spijkers couture and their more accessible sis collections.

They recently celebrated their tenth anniversary as fashion designers with a spectacular exhibition at the Arnhem Museum of Modern art. The exhibition was devoted entirely to their designs and working methods, and bore the name: The Mirror has Two Faces. It also highlighted their first furniture designs. And their fashion show opened the 2011 Amsterdam Fashion week.

In the museum OBJEKT©international met the sisters and talked to them about the ideas behind their work. And to get the ball rolling, a statement: “People should be more daring about what they wear. It’s better to buy original design than cheap imitations.”

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Client OBJEKT©International