Alaïa Fonk

Use your smile to change this world, don’t let this world change your smile.


“Why fit in when you were born to stand out?” - Dr. Seuss

What We Do

Growing up we learned along the way how to connect. Connect with the client, but at the same time connect to the world and to the medium we’re working with. Otherwise the story can’t be told.


Telling stories is something we live for, especially through video. Short stories about an interesting individual, short branding films, event coverage, Q&A's for bloggers, even animations from time to time... This took us to places around the world covering high eind design houses, famous Asian artists, and parties on Miami Beach. But it also let's us explore our own country covering beauty clinics, kitchens, or fitness events.


It's about those moments and visuals you probably didn't capture. Maybe didn't see. We are there not only to fill in those special gaps, we are there to create a new and unique perspective.  

Branding & Design

We offer brands a highly distinctive quality. Unique and personal are two key words in our creative mind map. It will always be a mix of the wishes of the client and our creativity, experience and vision. We craft everything from brand guidelines, and graphic identities to magazines, packaging, books, and spaces.

Art Direction

It doesn't only come down to this list of services. We are living and breathing the things we love most: images. Moving, still, flat, extraordinary - we embrace the exciting things!


  • Alaïa, your work is amazing!

    Sonia Manglani,

  • Happy to share these experiences with Alaïa

    Liberty Suares,

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